2020 Helmets/Apparel

2 For most current pricing, visit www.motovan.com in the dealer section. 20 J-CRUISE II •Shell in AIM • Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity •EPS-liner system with different densities • Optimized protection trough EPS element with different shock absorbing levels •CJ-2 visor system • With optional Pinlock antifrog system • Micro ratchet system • Easy to handle, always perfect adjusted QSV-2 sun visor •Meets the standard for sunglasses. • 4 different outer shell constructions for perfect fit and compact dimensions • 3D-center pad, detachable, washable for pleasant wearing comfort • Cheek pads detachable, washable for better care and individual adjustment • Chinstrap covers detachable, washable easy to maintain and clean • Prepared for intercom installation. INTERIOR SAFETY • Multiple venting and extraction for optimum ventilation performance •Inlets at the chin and forehead fresh air supply guaranteed • Two outlets at the rear to exhaust warm air. VENTILATION NEW SUN VISOR • The visor covers the entire face, it has a sunshade 5 mm longer to reduce the light • The distance between the nose and the visor is shorter we used a 5 mm cut deeper on the shape of the nose part, which allows the sun visor to rub against the nose • The cut-off part to connect the wire to the inside of the hull has been reduced to a minimum, thus eliminating any opening through which the wind could enter, thus improving the noise inside the helmet. REFINED DESIGN COMFORT The fabric used is a hybrid of a quick-drying moisture absorbent material and a soft, raised fabric that covers the cheeks and forehead where sweat tends to stick. And a soft fabric on the parts near the skin for a better comfort. • With the J-CRUISE II, we moved from the simple and elegant lines of the previous model to a more modern and refined design • We examined the details, such as the control mechanism of the sun visor, • The characteristic design of the back is the result towards aerodynamic performance, giving the shell the shape of aero-peripheral used as an airbrake. INTERCOM-READY DESIGN • Designed for seamless integration with the SENA SRL 2 Communication System • SRL 2 is specially developed for the GT-Air II, and is sold exclusively by SENA (Order 321-10192 )